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OTA Test Solution for High Volume Production Test of AiP Devices | Jason Mroczkowski |
The variety of 5G Antenna in Package (AiP) devices and integrated antenna module pose unique challenges to the production test cell. Test requirements call for Over the Air (OTA) test solution in the mmWave (30 GHz – 100 GHz) frequency bands while most existing OTA solutions are designed only for the lab environment.

On-chip Test with Microstrip Patch Antennas | Dan Campion |
This paper presents a perspective of the development of microstrip antennas for use in WLCSP and WLP semiconductor test. The work that will be discussed includes designing, manufacturing, and installing microstrip patch antenna in contactors and probe heads for test.

WLCSP xWave for high frequency wafer probe application part 2 | Jason Mroczkowski |
Today cmWave (3-30 GHz) and mmWave (30-300 GHz) applications have become mainstream. Packaging has become obsolete and wafers are becoming the new final test package.

OTA Test Solution for Antenna in Package Applications | Jason Mroczkowski |
As we step in 5G area, cell phone makers are turning to AIP ICs. Antenna in Package (or AiP) is a new trend in IC packaging which makes smaller and high integrated ICs that consists of ICs and antenna inside a package.

Closer Tolerance Thermal Management at the Device-Under-Test | Mehdi Attaran |
Effective thermal management has become mandatory for testing devices with faster switching speed transistors that are increasing in numbers in smaller packages. These devices are dissipating more heat while being held at steady test temperature extremes.

Production Test Interface Solutions for mmWave and Antenna in Package (AiP) | Jason Mroczkowski & Dan Campion |
Incredibly, the number of transistors in integrated circuits (ICs) has tracked Moore’s law, doubling every two years. Equally amazing is the recent jump in IC device operating frequency into the mmWave spectrum. The emergence of 5G, next-generation WiFi protocols, and automotive radar have pushed ICs into these extreme frequency bands to take advantage of the additional available bandwidth. 
Spring Probe WLCSP Probe Head CCC – ISMI Characterization is Not Enough | Valts Treibergs |
A recognized standard for evaluating the CCC (current carrying capacity) of an interconnect used at wafer probe has been the ISMI Probe Council Current Carrying Capability Measurement Guideline, published by International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative in 2009.

Solution for mmWave Wafer Probe Applications and Field Results | Jason Mroczkowski |
Today cmWave (3-30 GHz) and mmWave (30-300 GHz) applications have become mainstream. The wafer is becoming the new final test package. Testing automotive radar on wafer at 80 GHz and 150 °C was previously a fantasy, but is now a reality.

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