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PAx Instrumentation

A variety of instruments make the PAx Test System suitable for testing todays RF Power Amplifiers and Front-End Modules used in cellular and connectivity applications, WLAN standards up to Wi-Fi 6, 2G to 5G wireless and beyond, Bluetooth plus a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) standards. PAx-ac Plus test system is 5G ready, able to support the transition to 5G devices and beyond.

DC and Power Instrumentation


High current general purpose VI

  • 8 Channels per Board
  • Voltage: -2V to +8V
  • Current: 1 A continuous
  • 16 bit force/measure, synchronization, analog bus
  • 200 KHz digitizer capability


Power Amplifier device power supply

  • One measure FIFO per channel
  • 4 Channels per Board
  • Voltage: -2 V to +16 V
  • Current: 2 A per channel
  • 16 bit force/measure, parallel measure
  • Channels can be ganged for higher currents
  • 250 Ksps capture in 4096 memory


Quad high voltage, high current, floating programmable power supply

  • Full Kelvin, has programmable voltage and current clamps and offers a 300 Ksps sample rate.
  • 4 Channels per board
  • Voltage: -60 V to +60 V
  • Current: 5 A per channel (pulsed), 1.5 A continuous, voltage and current ganging.

Digital Instrumentation


Part of FX digital instruments family for device control buses, such as, MIPI, I2C, and SPI

  • Fully independent programming of timing and level on every channel
  • Synchronization signaling to/from other instruments
  • Read/Write memory for generating digital protocols used in RF front end applications
  • Multi-site programming model
  • Full pattern sequencing at 200 Mbps
  • Supported with a comprehensive, next-generation program development and debug toolset
  • I/O per Board: 32
  • Maximum Pins: 256
  • Drive / Compare: -2.0 V to 6.5 V
  • Pattern Rate:
  • 100 MHz / 200 Mbps
  • 200 MHz / 400 Mbps

RF Instrumentation


Industry leading RF source and receive with scalar and vector measure

  • Extensive suite of capabilities designed to provide the lowest cost of test without any compromise in RF test performance
  • Innovative flexible architecture enables scalable configurations with optimal return on investment without trade-off in test coverage or test time
  • Configurable with 16 or 32 Vector RF ports
  • 6 GHz RF modulated source and 8 GHz RF measure
  • <1 ms RF settling time on level and frequency change
  • Quad-site and octal-site RF source with single and dual synthesizer respectively
  • Up to 8 receiver paths each with an analog bandwidth exceeding 200 MHz for octal site parallel RF measurements.
  • Each receiver is connected to a Hummingbird digitizer with 16 bit @ 250 Msps or 14 bit @ 400 Msps
  • Full modulation capability using SWG instrument providing 16 bits @ 250 Msps
  • Swept S-parameter capability
  • Servo loop tracking
  • Real time Dynamic Range Enhancement

DSP Instrumentation

Hummingbird Digitizer

  • Four channel, 14 Bit, 400 MSPS or 16 Bit, 250 MSPS waveform digitizer
  • Provides real-time features such as decimation and averaging to enable faster test times and improved dynamic performance
  • Offers an analog bandwidth of up to 800 MHz
  • DIGHB is supported on PAx and Diamondx

Instruments by Name

  • DIGHB – Hummingbird Digitizer
  • DragonRF – Industry leading RF source and receive with scalar and vector measure
  • HCOVI – 8 Channel General Purpose VI
  • FX2 – Digital instrument for device control buses, such as, MIPI, I2C, and SPI
  • PADPS1 – Power Amplifier Device Power Supply instrument 4 identical source channels.
  • QFVI – High voltage, high current floating programmable power supply
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