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cViper Probe Head (Pins)

High Performance Probe Head for High Volume Production Test

cViper is an ultra-fine pitch probe head (pins) for RF and high speed digital WLCSP. cViper is ideal for lab and large volume production test for precision analog, RF, sensors and mobility devices.  Low loop inductance and high bandwidth up to 27 GHz, cViper offers low and stable contact resistance for singulated devices or wafer-level test. A variety of contact materials to optimize performance are available with device pitch down to 100 µm.

Life cycle up to 1M and field replaceable individual probes.

Cohu cViper Test Contactor
  • Key Features

    • Low loop inductance and high bandwidth
    • Device pitches down to 100 µm
    • Variety of contact materials to optimize performance
    • Manual actuation of singulated devices
    • Low and stable contact resistance
    • Variety of body materials available

  • Benefits

    • Allows testing of RF devices at the wafer-level
    • Adaptable to wafer-level probing and singulated device testing for debug and characterization
    • Long life and extended maintenance intervals
    • Engineering analysis of WLCSP devices or KGD
    • Consistently high-test yields
    • Optimal planarity and consistent pointing accuracy
  • Package Type

    • WLCSP
    • Singulated devices, wafer probe, or wafer-level test
    • Pitches down to 0.1 mm


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