3D Flex Vision System

Measurement equipment into the volume production environment for Wafer Chip Scale Level Package (WLCSP) Inspection

The 3D FlexTM vision system is well suited for inspection of semiconductor products used in mobility and wireless communications markets, such as RF devices, small power management ICs and many other devices in wafer level chip scale package (WLCSPs).

Based on Moiré interferometry, the 3D Flex Vision system combines a sequence of touchless 2-dimensional images with projected light patterns to generate high accuracy 3-dimensional measurement of inspected devices. A dedicated algorithm generates a topographic view of devices, accurately measuring ball or bump height, coplanarity, quality and body warpage, enabling high-speed inspection of WLCSPs with micrometer resolution.

Cohu NV-Core Inspection System
Cohu 3D Flex vision inspection

True Ball/Bump co-planarity

  • Key Features

    • 3D Ball Inspection
    • Ball / Bump Height
    • Ball / Bump Co-planarity
    • Horizontal mount under 1 Turret position

  • Applications

    • Mobility and wireless communications markets
    • RF devices
    • Small power management ICs
    • Many other devices in wafer level chip scale package (WLCSPs)


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