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Pick-and-Place Test Handlers

Thermal, vision and factory 4.0 automation options

Cohu offers a broad range of IC pick-and-place test handling solutions for the automotive, mobile, and computing markets.

Our commitment is to provide world-class innovative products that incorporate thermal, vision and factory 4.0 automation options to meet your existing and future IC handling needs.

Cohu Delta Eclipse XT Pick and Place Test Handler

Delta Eclipse

Configurable OSAT Friendly Pick-and-Place Handler
Eclipse delivers scalable performance for testing a wide range of semiconductors.

Cohu MATRiX Pick and Place Test Handler

Delta MATRiX

High Parallel Tri-Temp Pick-and-Place Handler
MATRiX handler has a highly-flexible test site configuration that is well suited for a wide range of test applications

Cohu T-Core Active Thermal Control Test Handlers


T-Core Active Thermal Control
Unique ATC technology that maximizes test yield.

Cohu MT9510 Pick and Place Test Handler

MT9510 XP / x16

Tri-Temp Pick-and-Place Handler
Universal handler for packages such as QFP, BGA, Micro-BGA, CSP, TSSOP, PLCC, PGA, LGA, MLP/MLF.


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