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Pick-and-Place Test Handlers

Thermal, vision and factory 4.0 automation options

Cohu offers a broad range of IC pick-and-place test handling solutions for the automotive, mobile, and computing markets.

Our commitment is to provide world-class innovative products that incorporate thermal, vision and factory 4.0 automation options to meet your existing and future IC handling needs.

Delta Eclipse

Configurable OSAT Friendly Pick-and-Place Handler
Eclipse delivers scalable performance for testing a wide range of semiconductors.

Cohu MATRiX Pick and Place Test Handler Delta MATRiX

High Parallel Tri-Temp Pick-and-Place Handler
Matrix handler has a highly-flexible test site configuration that is well suited for a wide range of test applications

MT9510 XP / x16

Tri-Temp Pick-and-Place Handler
Universal handler for packages such as QFP, BGA, Micro-BGA, CSP, TSSOP, PLCC, PGA, LGA, MLP/MLF.

T-Core Active Thermal Control Cohu T-Core Active Thermal Control Test Handlers

Scaleable Multi-Channel ATC
Best-in-class temperature control for high volume manufacturing, delivers yield advantage for Cohu’s pick-and-place handlers.


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