Delta MATRiX

High Parallel Tri-Temp Pick-and-Place Handler

Cohu’s MATRiX handler has a highly flexible test site configuration that’s well suited for a wide range of test applications, including analog ICs with short test times and high-throughput, automotive devices requiring accurate thermal control, small pitch wireless-communication products, high parallel microcontroller testing, MEMS device testing, and many other device market segments with their unique requirements. The MATRiX has a highly flexible test site configuration that enables customers to reuse existing load-boards, including boards made for competitor’s legacy handlers.

Cohu MATRiX Pick and Place Test Handler
  • Key Features

    • Full tri-temp range -55°C to +175°C
    • Easy access with chamberless design
    • Active Thermal Control (ATC) per site, other T-Core options
    • NV-Core Inspection System options
    • Class 0 closed-loop ionization
    • MEMS device test capability
  • High Productivity

    • Up to 16,000 UPH
    • Parallelism x1 up to x32
    • Auto Contactor Cleaning (ACC)
    • Auto retest, auto retry
    • Continuous load/unload, lot cascading
    • Universal recipe
  • Flexibility

    • QFP, QFN, GBA, SOP
    • 3 x 3 mm to 51 x 51 mm package handling
    • Compatible with existing test site pitches
    • Automated temperature calibration and alignments
    • Self-monitoring ESD with ±5V balance
    • Colored tray detection
    • Lot Cascading
    • Pre-test 2DID vision system
    • Extensive SECS/GEM command library


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