Advanced Spring Probes

Spring Probes for All Your Test Requirements

KITA, is a Cohu company and specializes in the manufacture of spring probes contacts used in final test contactors, probe cards, Printed Circuit Board test and contactors sold to customers worldwide. Spring probes are used in ATE test fixtures, ATE test interfaces, burn-in test sockets, semiconductor test sockets, LCD test fixtures, automotive industry, battery connections and kelvin testing. Plating is available in gold, hard gold, palladium cobalt, nickel and copper.

KITA Manufacturing Co. Ltd. based in Osaka, Japan, has over 45 years experience designing and manufacturing spring probes and has shipped over 300,000,000 probes to customers world-wide.

Kita USA division specializes in design and manufacture of custom probes to meet your exact requirements. The US division continues to introduce innovated solutions for interface connectors and custom probe blocks.

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