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Interface Solutions

Cohu is the market leader in test interface solutions for the most challenging applications

Cohu has 50+ years of semiconductor test expertise providing optimal test contactor (sockets) and probe pin solutions for every type of application and challenge, using innovative and sophisticated R&D methods. Our solutions provide:

  • Best-in-class temperature range and accuracy interface products
  • Innovative test interface solutions with intelligent contactors to ensure test performance at every insertion
  • Reliable low-force contacting products
  • Wide range of high voltage and high current contactors
  • High-pin count, precision interface products
  • High performance interface solutions, including Over-the-Air (OTA) mmWave applications and WLCSP probe heads
  • Integrated temperature controlled, intelligent contactors

Test contactors (sockets) serve as the interface between the test handler and the semiconductor device under test (DUT) such as digital semiconductor devices utilizing spring probe technology, power management and LED semiconductor devices utilizing cantilever technology, and RF semiconductor devices based on high performance contacts designed to operate at frequencies up to 81 GHz.

Probe pins are physical devices that are used to connect electronic test equipment to the device under test. We offer probes that are incorporated into bare board test systems, loaded PCB test fixtures and semiconductor test contactors (sockets).

We address a wide range of applications with our spring probes, voltage probes, current probes, near-field probes, temperature probes, demodulator probes and logic probes.

Cohu Interface Solutions Group

Key Test Requirements

Automotive and Power, High End Digital, Mobility, Precision Analog and Sensors, RF

Package Type Requirements


Test Contactors (Sockets) / Probe Heads Solutions

Cantilever, Kelvin, Spring Probes

Industrial Contact Solutions (ECT)

Compliant Connectors, Spring Probes, Receptacle Termination Types, VG Mass Interconnect Products

Advanced Spring Probe Solutions (Kita)

Spring Probes, Custom Spring Probe Connectors