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NV-Core Inspection System

Unique inspection technology across Cohu handlers

NV-Core is Cohu’s unique inspection technology, enabling advanced inspection capabilities across Cohu’s handler portfolio.

NV-Core’s latest advanced inspection technologies include innovative solutions such as 3D Flex for 3-dimensional topographic inspection, sidewall micro-crack detection, and infrared inspection for sub-surface defect detection.

In addition to device quality inspection, by mastering the “all-in-one” solution, Cohu can offer unique capabilities for handler’s diagnostics and alignments, that enable the highest productivity performance.

  • Key Features

    • Top silicon shiny dies micro-crack detection down to 2 µm
    • Micro-scale sidewall defect inspection down to 5 µm
    • Inner cracks detection on silicon devices
    • Wafer vision mapping and skeleton check
    • Color camera inspection

  • Capabilities

    • 2D and 3D Lead / Pad / Ball / Pin inspections
    • Marking (OCV / OCR), presence and orientation inspections
    • LED lens dome inspection (shape, scratches, bubbles…)
    • Top / bottom / side crack detection
    • Traceability (Bar and Matrix codes)
    • Advanced surface inspection and post sealing quality inspection

NV-Core Options

3-dimensional measurement equipment into the volume production environment for wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) Inspection

The 3D Flex Vision system is well suited for inspection of semiconductor products used in mobility and wireless communications markets, such as RF devices, small power management ICs and many other devices in wafer level chip scale package (WLCSPs).

Based on Moiré interferometry, the 3D Flex Vision system combines a sequence of touchless 2-dimensional images with projected light patterns to generate high accuracy 3-dimensional measurement of inspected devices. A dedicated algorithm generates a topographic view of devices, accurately measuring ball or bump height, coplanarity, quality and body warpage, enabling high-speed inspection of WLCSPs with micrometer resolution.

For enhanced micro-crack detection on wafer level chip scale packages (WLCSPs)

Advances in functionality and product reliability in the IoT, mobility and automation markets are driving the need for early detection of defects at a micrometer scale. Cohu’s Aquilae solution is designed to identify micro-cracks on an integrated circuit that often go undetected using only electrical test, ultimately minimizing end-product failures.

The Aquilae inspection module combines a high-resolution camera with dedicated image processing algorithms to offer a breakthrough solution for early detection of micro-cracks WLCPs and bumped dies.  Providing this level of inspection enables semiconductor manufacturers to ensure the highest level of product quality, which is imperative in high-end applications.

Infrared solution for sidewall, backside and intape inspection

The continuous increase of product quality requirements in IoT, mobility and automotive markets are driving the need for upstream detection of silicon defects on integrated circuits, which are not otherwise identifiable via electrical test.

Infrared imaging has the ability to see through silicon, inspecting the structure underneath the surface that is not otherwise observable with traditional vision inspection systems. Cohu’s unique innovation offers a breakthrough by integrating infrared imaging for enhanced micro-crack and sub-surface detection on wafer level chip scale packages (WLCSPs) onto a high-speed automation platform that delivers an economical solution for high quality inspection.

Handler and Inspection Availability

Delta Eclipse
Highly Configurable Scalable Pick and Place Handler

Delta MATRiX
High-Performance, Configurable Pick and Place Handler

Ismeca NY20
High Throughput for Fragile Devices

Ismeca NY32
Highest Demanding Finishing Processes

Ismeca NY32W
Highest Inspection Yield for Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages

Market Leading Inspection Yield with Uncompromised Throughput

Rasco SO2000
Gravity Handler for Smallest Packages

Rasco Jaguar
High Performance Strip Handler

Ismeca NY20
High Throughput for Fragile Devices

Ismeca NY32
Highest Demanding Finishing Processes

Market Leading Inspection Yield with Uncompromised Throughput


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