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RF Scrub Test Contactor

Excellent RF Performance with Low Cost of Ownership

RF Scrub Test Contactor’s innovative design combines an extremely short signal path (0.90mm test height) with high wear resistance pins that can operate in a wide temperature range (-55ºC to +155ºC).

The RF Scrub Test Contactor’s long-life, elastomer free design and easy field maintainability makes it an optimal solution for testing of high-performance devices.

The RF Scrub design minimizes load board wear and with the unique pin base material and plating, the cleaning intervals can last up to 100,000 cycles.

The RF Scrub Test Contactor is adaptable to multiple packages (QFN/DFN/MLF, QFP, SO, SOT, TO) and handler platforms making it an ideal low-cost solution for your RF and acoustic applications.

Cohu RF Scrub Test Contactor
  • Key Features

    • Extremely short signal length
    • Insertion loss 33 GHz @ -1 dB
    • Smallest pitch available 0.40 mm
    • Contact Resistance below 50 mΩ
    • Continuous current 2 Amps
    • Tungsten pin with hard gold plating
    • Wide temperature range (-40°C to +150°C)

  • Benefits

    • Easy to maintain
    • Elastomer-free
    • Pins easy to replace in less than 5 minutes
    • Long cleaning intervals up to 100,000 cycles
    • Lifetime – up to 500,000 cycles
    • No load board wear and tear
  • Package Type

    • Wide package range: SO, DFN, QFN, MEMS
    • 0.40 mm pitch and up


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