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MT9928 xm

High Speed Gravity Handler

This well-established test handler provides field-proven reliability and performance. Its modular and scalable design and variety of options allow configuration of the MT9928 exactly according to the test needs. Easy-access design and easy-to-change conversion kit parts support fast and easy package style changes. The MT9928 has a large soak capacity and features the entire tri-temp range at outstanding temperature accuracy and stability.

  • Productivity

    • 28,000 UPH
    • Up to x8 test site parallelism
    • Various contact side modes available
    • Highest productivity

  • Key Features

    • Full tri‐temp range ‐55°C to +175°C
    • Temperature accuracy +/- 2°C
    • Modular and scalable base unit – engineering to HVM
    • Contacting: standard, high frequency and Kelvin
    • Multiple MEMS stimuli available
    • Installed base >1,300
  • Flexibility

    • MSOP 118 mil to SO 430 mil
    • QFN 2 mm to QFN 11 mm
    • Supports lead pitch down to 0.4 mm
    • Input and output: Tube, Metal Magazine and Bowl/Bulk
    • Fast kit conversion
    • Free contact site mapping
  • Applications

    • Power and high voltage
    • Automotive power
    • Logic, amplifier and linear
    • RF and communication
    • Sensor test


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