Cantilever Test Contactor (Socket) / Probe Head Solutions

Highest Performance at Best Cost of Test for Microcontroller and Analog

The durable one piece design combined with the proven self-cleaning wipe enable a low and stable contact resistance, a high current carrying capability and an extended temperature range. The cantilever contactors are developed and optimized to reduce cost of test. This is the result of a boosted first pass yield, enhanced production reliability, improved OEE and extended maintenance intervals. Moreover testing at full specification values like high current and tri-temp with extreme temperature ranges are no longer a limitation.

Cantilever Test Solutions

Test Contactor (Socket) / Probe Head Solutions

Ideal for multisite testing of analog and smart power devices requiring kelvin test

Reduced site to site pitch concept enables high parallel test for power applications on strip-test and pick and place handler platforms

Excellent RF performance and reliability for tri-temp production test with low cost of ownership

cDragon pin’s thermal design supports fast temperature control response and stabilization for repeatable at temperature testing of devices in a handler environment.

By design the cDragon’s pin decouples insertion motion from the test-interface-board side of the pin. This eliminates test-interface-board pad wear.

cDragon’s low profile and high bandwidth with low inductance makes it an ideal contacting solution for testing of mobile communications, RF switches, A/D converters, LNA’s, and PMIC devices. cDragon’s pins affinity to solder migration will ensure low and repeatable contact resistance.

cDragon can be used for testing any perimeter pad devices (QFN, DFN) and leaded packages (QFP, SO).

For leaded and leadless devices down to 0.3 mm x 0.6 mm

Compact multi-beam pin structure for high density system integration on turret handlers with side-by-side design for very small pad sizes

Cantilever contactor for high power applications

ecoAmp Kelvin is a high power cantilever kelvin contactor with patented spring and tip design for optimum heat dissipation. This ensures best reliability, long spring life and high yield even under highest current and temperature requirements.

Proven cantilever technology for MCUs and ASICs

MiCon is spring pin footprint compatible supporting advanced temperature requirements as well as advanced power/current requirements. The footprint compatibility allows for easy and cost-efficient conversion from spring pin setups. The fully decoupled load board side of the spring ensure no degradation of the load board pad.

MiCon features a single piece design, which ensures a long lifespan, low and stable contact resistance, high current carrying capability and an extended temperature range. The MiCon allows for testing at full specification values. The extended operating range accommodates device lead trim and form variability such as device alignment accuracy and device lead coplanarity.

Kelvin test socket for high power plunge-to-board applications

nanoKelvin is a well-established cantilever kelvin contactor with proven performance in the automotive market and further increasing popularity due to the robustness and reliability of the product.

Excellent RF performance with low cost of ownership

Extremely short signal path rugged probe with high wear resistance for SO, DFN, and QFN packages.

RF Scrub Contactor’s innovative design combines an extremely short signal path (0.90mm test height) with high wear resistance pins that can operate in a wide temperature range (-40ºC to +150ºC).

The RF Scrub contactor’s long-life, elastomer free design and easy field maintainability makes it an optimal solution for testing of high-performance devices.

The RF Scrub design minimizes load board wear and with the unique pin base material and plating, the cleaning intervals can last up to 100,000 cycles.

The RF Scrub contactor is adaptable to multiple packages (QFN/DFN/MLF, QFP, SO, SOT, TO) and handler platforms making it an ideal low-cost solution for your RF and acoustic applications.

  • Applications

    • Microcontroller and analog – non-Kelvin
    • High volume production
    • Engineering characterization
    • Peripherally-leaded: QFP, SO, SOT and TO
    • Pad contact: QFN and DFN
    • Singulated devices and strip test
  • Benefits

    • Boosted first pass yield
    • Enhanced production reliability
    • Testing at full specification values
    • Improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
    • Extended maintenance intervals
    • Reduced cost of test
  • Key Features

    • Contact motion decoupled from the test board
    • Proven self-cleaning wipe
    • Durable one piece design
    • Low and stable contact resistance
    • High current carrying capability
    • Extended temperature range
    • Large compliance window


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