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Rasco Jaguar

High Performance Strip Handler

Jaguar is designed for high-volume production testing of ICs on a strip format or in device carrier. It is fully automotive qualified for tri-temperature test and the ideal solution for high parallel testing of small packages at short test times, but also for Power and Sensor devices. Due to the integrated vision alignment and high precision linear motors, Jaguar provides high yield and excellent OEE.

Cohu Rasco Jaguar Gravity Test Handler
  • Productivity

    • Fastest index time:
      • Strip down to 2.0 sec.
      • Device down to 180 ms
    • MUBA >1,000 strips >12 hr operation without assist possible
    • Closed loop temperature conditioning of contactor embedded control sensor

  • Key Features

    • Ultrafast and precise plunger
    • Handling of InCarrier Carrier
    • Simple device kit exchange in <15 mins with existing kit recipe set-up
    • High parallel power upgrade
    • Bare die test configuration
    • Various MEMS and sensor options
  • Flexibility

    • Tri-temp range -45°C to +160°C
    • Extremely fast and easy kit conversion with quick lock function
    • Stacked and slotted loader / unloader
    • In process test due to SMEMA interface
  • Applications

    • Power management​
    • RF and communication
    • Mixed signal​
    • Sensors​
    • Stacked Memory Die Handling​


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