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cBoa Test Contactor (Socket) / Probe Head (Pins)

Cost-Effective, High-Performance Contactor or Probe Head for High-Volume Production Test

cBoa test contactors (sockets) and probe heads (pins) are the solutions for contacting high-frequency devices for package test or final test at wafer. The robust design and materials of the cBoa probe (pins) withstand the rigors of high-volume test by providing longer life and higher yield. The homogeneous DUT side plunger provides longer run times between cleaning and increased probe life.

The cBoa features a stainless-steel spring for tri-temp testing and performs in operating temperatures of -55°C to +155°C. With a bandwidth up to 35 GHz @ -1 dB, cBoa can be used to test some of the highest frequency devices.

The enhanced compliance window accommodates package stack height tolerances well.

cBoa Contactor Probehead
  • Key Features

    • Variety of contact materials to optimize performance
    • Low loop inductance and high bandwidth
    • Pitches down to 300 µm
    • Optional floating alignment plate
    • Large compliance window
    • Excellent current carrying capacity

  • Benefits

    • Excellent resistance stability and prolonged usable life
    • Optimal contact for all package types
    • High signal integrity and power delivery for RF devices
    • Suitable for singulated packages, strip or wafer-level test
    • Optimal DUT alignment
    • Accommodating package planarity tolerances
    • Excellent contact choice for all device types
  • Package Type

    • BGA
    • LGA
    • SO
    • QFN
    • QFP
    • WLCSP
    • Singulated packages, strip test and wafer level test


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