cBoa™ Contactor / Probe Head

Cost-Efficient, High-Performance Contactor for Probe Head or High-Volume Production Test

cBoa contactors and probe heads are the solution for contacting high frequency devices for package test or final test at wafer. The robust design and materials of the cBoa probe withstand the rigors of high-volume test by providing longer life and higher yield. The homogenous DUT side plunger provides longer run times between cleaning and  increased probe life.

The cBoa features a stainless-steel spring for tri-temp testing and performs in operating temperatures of -55°C to +155°C. With a bandwidth up to 27 GHz, cBoa can be used to test some of the highest frequency devices.

The enhanced compliance window accommodates package stack height tolerances well.

  • Features

    • Low loop inductance and high bandwidth
    • Singulated, strip or wafer-level test
    • High-frequency requirements
    • Pitches down to 0.3 mm
    • Variety of contact materials to optimize performance
    • Optional floating alignment plate

  • Benefits

    • Excellent resistance stability and longer usable life
    • Superior reliability based on materials and design
    • Large compliance window to accommodate stack height tolerances for improved yields
    • Optimal DUT alignment
    • Excellent current carrying capacity
  • Package Type

    • BGA
    • LGA
    • SO
    • QFP
    • WLCSP
    • Singulated packages, strip test, film frame and wafer level test
  • Applications

    • High End Digital
    • Precision Analog and Sensors
    • Mobility
    • RF