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Delta Eclipse

Configurable OSAT Friendly Pick-and-Place Handler

Delta Eclipse Pick and Place Handler
Delta Eclipse Pick and Place Handler

Eclipse delivers scalable performance for testing a wide range of semiconductors, from analog ICs to high-performance CPUs and mobile processors.  The Eclipse is a high-speed pick-and-place handler designed to test up to 16 Integrated Circuits (ICs) in parallel, at temperatures from -55°C to +155°C*, with throughput up to 13,000 UPH.

Featuring Cohu’s proprietary T-Core thermal controller and a variety of cooling options to provide precise, multi-site temperature management of power dissipative ICs.  By enabling higher power dissipation, customers can maximize yield by utilizing Cohu’s T-Core Thermal Controller. With T-Core, customers can manage the most challenging thermal applications from APUs to CPUs to GPUs to server and AI devices.

Eclipse offers flexibility for both OSATs, IDM and Fabless customers with its wide market coverage through field configurability.

Eclipse XTA (Automation option)

The Eclipse XTA configuration brings a factory automation interface to the handler allowing for the customers to interface with a smart factory through the use of autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) or overhead transports, allowing them to be more efficient. The new front-end tray automation provides a new level of performance and capabilities to fuel sales and market position. In production, the XTA fleet’s performance is above the goal set by customers. It boasts more than 28,000 mean cycles between jams (MCBJ) while testing 3×3 millimeter devices.

*device type dependent

  • Key Features

    • Up to 13,000 UPH
    • Parallelism x1 to x16
    • Output bins: 3 auto, 3 manual
    • Output bins: 6 auto, 1 manual, 4 full tray binXTA
    • 3 x 3 mm to 80 x 80 mm package handling
    • Passive SLK and device kit compatible with competitors’
    • Chamberless tri-temp; No LN2
    • Factory Automation (AGV and OHT)
    • Lights Out Operation: 1/30K MCBJ
    • Automated RFID (Tray load / Unload)
    • Low contactor force down to 0.5 kgf

  • Differentiator

    • Ultra-fast T-Core Active Thermal Control
    • 800 W />1000 W DUT power dissipation (with
      tri-temp option)
    • Tight guard band for Start of Test (with load board/socket thermal conditioning option)
    • NIST traceable thermal calibration
    • Configurable SLK x1 to x4 with multiple pitches (tri-temp only)
    • Field upgradeable to ambient/hot ATC or tri-temp ATC (for passive configuration)
    • Force convective and chiller based cooling system – high reliability
  • Available Options

    • Tri-temp -55°C to +155°C (chamber-less, soak on head)*
    • Auto Retest
    • DTM (Contactor Conditioning)
    • DUT Rotation
    • Liquid and Mechanical TIM
    • Manual RFID
    • 207 kgf socket force
    • 500 kgf contactor motor force
    • Vision 2DID, u2DID, OCR
    • In-Socket Vision-based Device Detection
    • Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Chillers to -70°C
    • Thermal (heated) CDP

    *for temperatures beyond this range please consult factory

  • Applications

    • Application Processors (mobile)
    • Automotive Processors
    • CPU and Servers (computing)
    • GPU/AI (graphics)
    • Internet of Things
    • Power Management PMIC


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