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Test Contactors (Sockets) / Probe Heads

Cohu ACE Test SocketACE Contactor / Probe Head
Cost-efficient RF contactor for fine pitch FBGA and wafer-level packages

Atlas Contactor / Probe Head
Optimal performance for large I/O count devices and high end digital test

cBoa-ContactorcBoa Contactor / Probehead
Cost-efficient, high-performance contactor or probe head for high-volume production test

cCompact Contactor
Ideal for multisite testing of analog and smart power devices requiring kelvin test

cHybrid Test ContactorcHybrid Turret Kelvin Contactor
For leaded and leadless devices

Cohu cDragon Test ContactorcDragon Contactor
Excellent RF performance and reliability for tri-temp production test

cGator Contactor
For Wide Bandgap Silicon Carbide and GaN High-Voltage and High-Current Known Good Die Applications

cPython Contactor or Probe Head
High Performance Kelvin Contact for High Volume Production Test

Cohu cRacer FR2 mmWave contactor

cRacer Contactor / Probe Head
Next-gen 5G mmWave FR2 up to 54+ GHz

Cohu cViper Test Contactor and Probe HeadcViper Contactor / Probe Head
High performance probe head for HV production test

ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor
Kelvin contactor for high power applications

Cohu Gemini Kelvin Test ContactorGemini Kelvin Contactor / Probe Head
Contactor for in-line and array packages

Hydra Contactor / Probe Head
Probe standardized and simplification designed for high-volume power and RF applications

ICON Coaxial Contactor
Production solution for testing high end digital applications to 70 Gbps

Cohu Mercury Test ContactorMercury Contactor / Probe Head
Contactor for cost-efficient, high-performance test

MiCon Contactor / Probe Head
Proven Cantilever Technology for MCUs and ASICS

nanoKelvin Contactor
Kelvin contactor for high power plunge-to-board applications

Cohu RF Scrub Test ContactorRF Scrub Contactor
Excellent RF performance with low cost of ownership

xWave Contactor / Probe Head
Broadband production solution for cmWave and mmWave up to 100 GHz


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