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Test Contactors (Sockets) / Probe Heads

Cohu ACE Test SocketACE™ Contactor / Probe Head
Cost-efficient RF contactor for fine pitch FBGA and wafer-level packages

Atlas™ Contactor / Probe Head
Optimal performance for large I/O count devices and high end digital test

cBoa-ContactorcBoa™ Contactor / Probehead
Cost-efficient, high-performance contactor or probe head for high-volume production test

cCompact™ Contactor
Ideal for multisite testing of analog and smart power devices requiring kelvin test

cCruiser™ Contactor
Simplified and Cost Optimized Side-by-Side Contactor for Discrete and Small Logic ICs

cHybrid Test ContactorcHybrid™ Turret Kelvin Contactor
For leaded and leadless devices

Cohu cDragon Test ContactorcDragon™ Contactor
Excellent RF performance and reliability for tri-temp production test

cGator™ Contactor
For Wide Bandgap Silicon Carbide and GaN High-Voltage and High-Current Known Good Die Applications

cPython™ Contactor or Probe Head
High Performance Kelvin Contact for High Volume Production Test

Cohu cRacer FR2 mmWave contactor

cRacer™ Contactor / Probe Head
Next-gen 5G mmWave FR2 up to 54+ GHz

Cohu cViper Test Contactor and Probe HeadcViper™ Contactor / Probe Head
High performance probe head for HV production test

ecoAmp™ Kelvin Contactor
Kelvin contactor for high power applications

Cohu Gemini Kelvin Test ContactorGemini™ Kelvin Contactor / Probe Head
Contactor for in-line and array packages

Hydra™ Contactor / Probe Head
Probe standardized and simplification designed for high-volume power and RF applications

ICON™ Coaxial Contactor
Production solution for testing high end digital applications to 70 Gbps

Cohu Mercury Test ContactorMercury™ Contactor / Probe Head
Contactor for cost-efficient, high-performance test

MiCon™ Contactor / Probe Head
Proven Cantilever Technology for MCUs and ASICS

nanoKelvin™ Contactor
Kelvin contactor for high power plunge-to-board applications

Cohu RF Scrub Test ContactorRF Scrub™ Contactor
Excellent RF performance with low cost of ownership

xWave™ Contactor / Probe Head
Broadband production solution for cmWave and mmWave up to 100 GHz

Probe Cards

Wafer Level Probe CardcRacer™ RF Probe Card

High-performance field repairable for lowest cost of test


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