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Rasco SO2000 / SO2000DT

Modular Gravity Handler for Small Devices

Modular designed gravity handler with various input and output possibilities. SO2000 can handle smallest possible packages for gravity and provides a brought range of Sensor and MEMS applications. The version SO2000DT is a 2‐in‐1 handler with two temperature chambers.

Rasco SO2000 Gravity Test Handler

Rasco SO2000
Tube to Tube

Cohu Rasco SO2000 Gravity Test Handler

Rasco SO2000
Bowl to Bulk

Rasco SO2000DT Gravity Test Handler

Rasco SO2000DT
Tube to Tube

  • Productivity

    • Throughput up to 14,400 UPH
    • Up to x4 test site parallelism
    • Device ID tracking
    • Small footprint, low weight

  • Key Features

    • Temperature range -60°C up to +175°C
    • Index time down to 450 ms
    • Handling, inspection, packaging system
    • Full split kit capability
  • Flexibility

    • SOT 49 mil to SO 300 mil
    • QFN 1.4 mm to QFN 12 mm
    • SIP devices
    • Device thickness down to 0.4 mm
    • Input and output: tube and bowl/bulk
  • Applications

    • Power and high voltage
    • Automotive power
    • Logic, amplifier and linear
    • RF and communication
    • Sensor test