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Ismeca NY32

Highest Demanding Finishing Processes

32-position turret platform for semiconductor test, inspection and packaging, providing the highest process integration capabilities. Integrating innovative hardware and software technology such as intelligent features enables extended autonomous operation and productivity.

The NY32 also integrates Cohu’s latest advanced inspection technologies such as 3D Flex for 3-dimensional topographic inspection and micro-crack detection algorithm with a high-resolution camera.

Cohu NY32 Turret Test and Scan Handler
  • Process Flexibility

    • Tube / Metal Magazine / Bowl Feeder
    • Up to 16 Test Sites
    • 6 Sides Inspection
    • Tape and Reel / Tube / Tray Ouput
    • In-Tape Inspection with Auto-Reject and Replacement
    • Tube / Tray / Bulk Reject

  • Productivity

    • Up to 30,000 UPH
    • Complete Finishing Solution:
      – Full Vision Inspection
      – Test Contacting
      – Electrical Tester (Discrete)
      – Auto Reel Changer
  • Device Type

    • Discrete
    • Power Discrete
    • DFN / QFN
    • SOIC
    • LED
    • BGA
    • MEMS
    • WLCSP: Bare Die, Bumped Die
  • Available Options

    • Tray Input or Output
    • Laser Marketing Integration
    • High Resolution Camera
    • 3D Flex Inspection
    • LED / Laser LED Testing (full flux or intensity)
    • LED Sorter up to 64x Bins


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