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Diamondx Test System

Flexible, Cost Optimized Test Solutions for the Most Challenging Applications

Diamondx semiconductor test system extends Cohu’s low-cost, high-throughput production test solution platforms to high pin count, higher site count wireless, mobility, SOC, Flat Panel Display drivers, Power Management, and microcontrollers. Designed to meet the cost drivers IC companies face, Diamondx extends Cohu’s leadership in lowering the cost of operations.

Breakthrough cost reductions in both capital and operating costs for the automotive, mobility, IoT/IoV/Optoelectronics, industrial and medical, and consumer markets.

Proven capability in high-density digital, DC, analog instruments, as well as technology leading precision analog, SerDes, RF and Automotive test, makes the Diamondx test system suitable for today’s broad range of devices.

Cohu Diamondx Test System
  • Highlights

    • Low cost of operations
    • High-throughput
    • Compact low-power
    • Broad range of proven test technologies including power, high speed and high density

  • Key Features

    • Adaptable and scalable architecture
    • Extremely high-speed data bus based on PCI-Express industry standard
    • Covers Precision Analog, DC, RF and SerDes IP cores’ testing
    • Over 7,500 pins configured with a variety of instruments
    • Small form factor
    • Air-cooled architecture and instruments
    • Energy efficient, low-power consumption
  • Architecture

    • Universal slot architecture supports 20-slot, and 40-slot configurations
    • A range of digital, analog, DSP and RF instruments
    • PCI-Express Data Bus configured for up to 80 Gbps bi-direction transfer between system CPU and test-head
    • Unison OS offering a complete suite of test software tools including such scan test, concurrent test, adaptive test, unit level traceability multi-site setup
    • System level calibration and diagnostics
  • Applications

    • Automotive
    • Baseband and applications processor devices
    • BlueRay DVD player/recorder
    • Consumer SOC
    • Flat Panel Display
    • High Definition DTV
    • Microcontrollers
    • PC peripherals SOC
    • RF Connectivity
    • STB demodulators and decoders

RF Instrumentation

Industry leading RF source and receive with scalar and vector measure

  • Extensive suite of capabilities designed to provide the lowest cost of test without any compromise in RF test performance
  • Innovative flexible architecture enables scalable configurations with optimal return on investment without trade-off in test coverage or test time
  • Configurable with 16 or 32 Vector RF ports
  • 6 GHz RF modulated source and 8 GHz RF measure
  • <1 ms RF settling time on level and frequency change
  • Quad-site and octal-site RF source with single and dual synthesizer respectively
  • Up to 8 receiver paths each with an analog bandwidth exceeding 200 MHz for octal site parallel RF measurements
  • Each receiver is connected to a digitizer with up to 400Msps, or 16-bit
  • Full modulation capability using SWG instrument providing 16 bits @ 250 Msps
  • Swept S-parameter capability
  • Servo loop tracking
  • Real time Dynamic Range Enhancement

Ku-Band RF test solution for next generation mobility

  • Extensive capabilities to provide high performance RF test capabilities with maximum return on investment
  • Fully compatible software with DragonRF, enabling rapid deployment of test development IP leveraged from existing programs
  • Scalable configuration which extends RF performance into satellite communications band
  • Designed to coexist with DragonRF to ensure maximum test flexibility on a single test system
  • Quickly deployed, Raven extends the performance of the system on existing infrastructure to ensure protection of your investment

Ultra compact RF instrument

  • Comprehensive set of RF features at a fraction of the price of traditional RF ATE systems
  • Four analyzers ensure parallel testing
  • Low operating cost
  • Portable between Diamondx and Diamond10 test systems


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