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Atlas Test Contactor (Socket) / Probe Head (Pins)

Optimal Performance for Large I/O Count Devices and High-End Digital Test

QuadTech probe (pins) solution with cruciform tip strength that stands up to lateral force without bending, plus an enhanced compliance window to accommodate package stack height tolerance.

Atlas offers electrical performance that allows the customer to test to the true performance of the device. Atlas WLCSP test contactors (sockets) achieve mechanical reliability with a rigid “cruciform” tip applied to Cohu’s QuadTech flat probe technology.  The Atlas offers a short electrical path, with lower capacitance and inductance, that is ideal for functional and AC parametric testing of WLCSP devices that require high system bandwidth and throughput gains in large multisite test applications.

The cruciform tip provides increased tip rigidity with a much greater immunity to breakage. The advantages for the customer include increased run times between contactor (socket) cleaning, increased probe life, increased yield, and reduced system down time for contactor (socket) maintenance.

Cohu Atlas Test Contactor
  • Key Features

    • High bandwidth
    • Short signal path
    • Extra tip strength with X-beam design
    • Fewer moving parts with optional floating alignment plate
    • High frequency >21 GHz @ -1dB
    • Excellent contactor for large array packages
    • Highly integrated devices
    • Modular, multi-site configurations

  • Benefits

    • Long uninterrupted test runs
    • Site-to-site consistency on a global scale
    • Excellent Rrepeatability over hundreds of thousands of insertions
    • Low-noise, high-fidelity contacting
  • Package Type

    • BGA
    • LGA
    • WLCSP


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