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The world’s leading manufacturer of Pogo contact probes

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT)

Everett Charles Technologies Industrial Contact Solutions (ICS) group, including its Ostby Baron/Pylon division, is the world’s leading manufacturer of spring probes. In addition to probes, ECT manufactures other electrical contact products such as OEM connector assemblies. Since the development of its first replaceable probe in 1965, ECT has lead the industry in innovations in design, engineering, and manufacturing, and now produces probes and connectors for applications as diverse as module and PCB test to battery charging and board-to-board interconnects.

Ostby Barton/Pylon, as part of ECT’s Industrial Contact Solutions group, manufactures both catalog and custom POGO contacts for several applications including ATE, medical, military, industrial, and telecommunications products. Since joining ECT in 1986, Ostby Barton has become known as a pioneer in spring probe technology, and its engineers work closely with customers to develop customer probe solutions for customer applications.

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Spring Probes

ECT continues to expand the limits of test technology with innovative probe designs that deliver higher quality, longer life, and better performance.

Compliant Connectors

From energy exploration to aerospace, CCS satisfies today’s most challenging application needs with a comprehensive line of interconnect technologies.

Receptacle Termination Types

Several receptacle termination styles are available to choose from. Within the tool section, you will find insertion and extraction tools offered by ECT as well as installation tips for the receptacle.

VG Mass Interconnect Products

VG is a series of modular fixture products that allow quick connection between a device under test (DUT) and a custom test system.


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