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Test Handlers and Inspection

Cohu is the leading supplier of semiconductor test and inspection handlers

Cohu has 50+ years of semiconductor test expertise designing and manufacturing pick-and-place, gravity feed, test-in-strip handlers, MEMS test cells, and turret-based test handling and back-end finishing equipment for ICs, LEDs and discrete components. Our solutions provide:

  • Best-in-class temperature range and accuracy and high throughput handling solutions
  • Unique T-Core active thermal control (ATC) technology that maximizes test yield
  • High-force handling solutions for large IC packages
  • High volume vision inspection and metrology tools
  • Highest optical test accuracy and yield for LCD market
  • Advanced motion control technology for fragile WLCSP handling
  • Leading MEMS sensor test platforms with comprehensive portfolio of stimulus modules
  • Automated high-parallelism System Level Test platform
  • Leading provider of Industry 4.0 ready solutions for semiconductor test and inspection
  • Integrated temperature controlled, intelligent contactors

Semiconductor test and inspection handlers are used in conjunction with automated test equipment and are used to automate the testing and inspection of packaged semiconductor devices. Our handlers support a variety of package sizes and device types, including automotive, mobile, power, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microcontrollers, among others.

Cohu Test Handler and Inspection Solutions

Pick and Place

Thermal, vision and factory 4.0 automation options

Thermal Subsystems

T-Core active thermal control (ATC) technology that maximizes test yield


Extremely small to very large packages, very wide temperature range, high throughput octal and quad site testing

High Parallel Test

High parallelism test in strip or singulated device batch handling on carriers, WLCSP post singulation

MEMS and Sensor Test

Modular design based on standard handlers, high parallelism, ambient to automotive tri-temp handling

Turret Test and Scan

Turret platforms for semiconductor test, inspection and packaging

Package Inspection

High throughput inspection system with multi processes and media for advanced packages

WLCSP Inspection

Guaranteed advanced quality inspection with lowest rejection, with uncompromised throughput, across an entire equipment fleet

NV-Core Inspection System

Unique technology, enabling advanced inspection capabilities across Cohu’s handler portfolio

InSight Software

Test Cell Equipment Management