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cDragon Test Contactor (Socket)

Excellent RF Performance and Reliability for Tri-Temperature Production Test with Low Cost of Ownership

cDragon Test Contactor (Socket) pin’s thermal design supports fast temperature control response and stabilization for repeatable at temperature testing of devices in a handler environment.

By design the cDragon’s pin decouples insertion motion from the test-interface-board side of the pin. This eliminates test-interface-board pad wear.

cDragon’s low profile and high bandwidth with low inductance makes it an ideal contacting solution for testing of mobile communications, RF switches, A/D converters, LNA’s, and PMIC devices. cDragon’s pins affinity to solder migration will ensure low and repeatable contact resistance.

cDragon can be used for testing any perimeter pad devices (QFN, DFN) and leaded packages (QFP, SO).

Cohu cDragon Test Contactor
  • Features

    • Revolutionary single spring and small form factor design
    • Very low loop inductance and high bandwidth
    • Outstanding CRES stability
    • Insertion loss 22 GHz @ -1 dB
    • Inductance 0.43 nH
    • Smallest pitch available 0.30 mm
    • Wide package range SO, DFN, QFN, QFP
    • Temperature range -55°C to +155°C
    • Constant contact force at each temperature setpoint
    • Best temperature accuracy by multi-beam contact spring architecture
  • High Productivity

    • Elastomer-free design for long life
    • Very easy to maintain
    • Pin replacement in <5 minutes
    • No loadboard wear and tear
    • Industry leading long lifetime
    • Extremely long cleaning intervals
  • Packages

    • QFN
    • DFN
    • QFP
    • SO