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MT9510 XP / x16

Tri-Temp Pick-and-Place Handler

The MT9510 XP / MT9510 x16 is a universal pick-and-place handler for packages such as QFP, BGA, Micro-BGA, CSP, TSSOP, PLCC,  PGA, LGA, MLP/MLF.

The MT9510 XP ensures a fully reliable test of packages in cold, hot or ambient test conditions. Based on its outstanding temperature performance, the MT9510 XP provides solutions for managing medium power dissipation in a cost-efficient way.

The MT9510 x16 continues the MT9510 XP features in terms of reliability, temperature performance and advanced options.

Cohu MT9510 Pick and Place Test Handler
  • Key Features

    • Up to x8 (MT9510 XP) / x16 (MT9510 x16) test site parallelism
    • Full tri-temp range -55 °C to +175 °C
    • Up to 5,300 UPH
    • Index time 0.38 seconds (XP) and 0.65 (x16)
    • Small footprint 1.19 m x 1.57 m (47” x 62”)
    • Advanced, scalable ESD protection
    • Contacting: standard, high frequency and Kelvin
    • Flat vertical docking

  • Flexibility

    • Kitable system for QFP, BGA, PGA, QFN and other packages
    • Easy package style conversion: 15 min., no adjustments
    • Auto Contact Cleaning (ACC)
    • Device size from 2 mm x 2 mm to 70 mm x 70 mm
    • Standard IC and MEMS/sensor test
    • Various contact site pitches
  • Available Options

    • Advanced ESD protection
    • Automatic hydraulic feet
    • Communication links (IEEE, RS232, SECS/GEM, Parallel, Ethernet)
    • Double device detection
    • Color try detection
    • Higher temperature +175°C
    • MEMS: Gyroscopes, Magnetometer
    • High contact force
    • Ground fault monitor
  • Applications

    • Amplifier
    • Automotive power devices
    • DSP’s
    • Linear
    • Logic
    • Processors
    • RF and communication


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