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Boost Installed Base ROI

Improve test handler productivity by minimizing production interrupts and unscheduled down time

Test Handler performance tends to deviate from factory’s setting over time if not properly maintained.  This program aims to systematically diagnose such deviations, recommend required actions, restore to factory original standards as closely as possible and to actively manage upcoming maintenance events.

Assess, Identify, Implement, Monitor, Specify (AIIMS)

Cohu’s Service Support team can help you to execute your preventive maintenance tasks with scheduled system down time AIIMS’s five simple steps to maintain and sustain your handler performance and productivity:

  1. Assess (A)
  2. Identify (I)
  3. Implement (I)
  4. Monitor (M)
  5. Specify (S)

Improves customer lifetime value by meeting the testhandler specifications and production expectations for Part Per Jam and Down Time

Cohu Sales and Service


Cohu’s AIIMS Program improves customer lifetime value by meeting the handler specifications and production expectations for Part Per Jam and Down Time.

  • Assess (A) handler health condition by factory trained Cohu engineers
  • Identify (I) mis-aligned modules, and defective parts to be replaced
  • Implement (I) part replacement, and fine-tune to factory standard settings
  • Monitor (M) performance and optimized maintenance tasks
  • Specify (S) next PM cycle according to defined criteria (time, or insertion base)


  • Proactive handler assessment for worn-out parts, and mis-aligned modules
  • Prevent handler hard down or deviations from factory’s settings
  • Avoid production issues due to handler drifting from specification
  • Improve handler performance with OEM parts and standards
  • Minimize production interruption with scheduled down time for maintenance
  • Active monitoring of key handler performance after maintained
  • Optimized preventive maintenance cycle and schedule
  • All activities performed by factory trained field service engineers near you