Gemini Kelvin Contactor (Socket) / Probe Head (Pins)

Test Contactor (Socket) for In-Line and Array Packages

Gemini Kelvin probes (pins) and contactors (sockets) provide a first-rate solution that effortlessly makes reliable, true Kelvin contact for high-volume final test of both singulated packages and wafer-level devices. Gemini Kelvin is an ideal solution for devices such as power controllers, A-D and D-A converters, power amplifiers and audio and video circuits.

At 3.22 mm test height, the Gemini Kelvin is an excellent all-around spring probe with low inductance, high bandwidth, and excellent current-carrying capacity. The device under test (DUT) side tip design accurately maintains its 100 µm spacing for the life of the probe. Customers report typical probe life of 500 k to 800 k package insertions, or over 2M touchdowns at wafer-level test. The offset tip allows manageable board layout with a board-side spacing of 0.4 mm.

Gemini Kelvin Contactor
  • Features

    • Excellent targeting stability
    • Minimum Kelvin-pair tip spacing 83 µm to land to small targets
    • Pitches down to 0.3 mm (in-line) and 0.4 mm (full array)
    • In-line and array packages
    • Singulated devices, strip test, or wafer-level test
    • Electrically-isolated, mechanically-independent force and sense probes

  • Benefits

    • Field-proven long life
    • Accurate low resistance measurements
    • Accurate voltage measure at high current loading
    • Frequency requirements to 21 GHz
    • Suitable for low-noise, fast-response devices
    • Suitable for power controllers, data converters, amplifiers, and comparators
  • Package Type

    • BGA
    • QFP
    • SO
    • WLCSP


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