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Solution for Test-in-Strip

The InCarrier process is based on a strip-like device carrier for single devices that combines the advantages of the singulated device test with the advantages of high parallel strip test. Leveraging the strip like design the InCarrier ensures robust test-handling for even smallest devices and supports high parallel test.

The InCarrier material flow at the test floor remains over all similar to the established standard process. Unlike strip test, the InCarrier test requires no singulation after test. Therefore the final test remains true final test. This way it overcomes the boundaries of strip test and meets the automotive 6 sigma – 0 PPM requirements.

Cohu InCarrier Test Handler Process
  • Highlights

    • Combined advantages of singulated Test and Test-in-Strip
    • High parallel, but singulated (MEMS) testing
    • Wide range of package/die sizes
    • WLCSP solution in production
    • Semi-automated InCarrier opener box for small lots
    • Strip-like device carrier for single device
    • No singulated after test
    • Robust handling for even smallest devices
    • Flexible line set-up for loading, test and unloading
    • Supports WL test and burn-in test
    • Re-test option for single devices in the same equipment

  • Key Features

    • Loading into strip-like device carriers with Cohu loading equipment
    • Supports standard transportation media of the backend process
    • Leverages Cohu InStrip for singulated packages
    • Offers all features of the standard InStrip set-up
    • Unloading into final packaging media
    • Full traceability

  • Applications

    • Leaded and leadless devices
    • Large and smallest package sizes down to 1 x 1 mm
    • IC test
    • MEMS calibration test
    • WL packages
  • Loading/Unloading Options

    • Tray/Bowl/Tube to InCarrier => MT LoaderPlus
    • Tape and Reel to InCarrier => ALBS De-Taper
    • Wafer Ring to InCarrier (3rd party) => Besi Loader
    • InCarrier to Tape and Reel, Waffle Pak, Bulk => ALBS Unloader
    • InCarrier to Manual Loading => MT InCarrier