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PAx Test System

Market Leading Test System for High Volume RF PA / FEM, ⁢sub-4G, 5G sub-8.5 GHz, Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 and mmWave

PAx semiconductor test system delivers uncompromised RF performance in a low-cost system for testing RF power amplifiers and front-end modules for next-generation wireless standards.

PAx’s flexible architecture allows configurations of a wide range of instruments that are designed to address the test challenges for RF power amplifiers and front-end modules used in cellular and connectivity applications, including WLAN standards up to Wi-Fi 6/6E/7, 4G to 5G sub-8.5 GHz wireless, and beyond, Bluetooth and a variety of IoT standards. Many of these new generation wireless devices require ever more demanding RF test capabilities from test instruments, such as wider bandwidths and lower EVM, and PAx’s configurable architecture delivers the optimized test solution with superior RF performance at an uncompromised cost of test.

PAx with RedDragon Semiconductor ATE Test System
  • Highlights

    • Optimal UPH with ultra-fast settling times, typically less than 1 ms
    • Flexible source configuration to develop lower cost solutions and increased multi-site
    • Maximum production efficiency
    • Production ready, proven capabilities
    • Minimal facility cost structure
    • Largest commercially available RF PA/FEM ATE at OSAT installed base
  • Key Features

    • Only ATE in the market to meet the stringent RF measurement needs of PA/RF FEM
    • Multi-site testing scalability
    • Increased modulation support for 5G NR FR1 and FR2 FEM sub-8.5 GHz
    • Immediate Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 including the 7.125 GHz band
    • Building blocks for 5G FR2 mmWave 24.25 – 48.5 GHz
    • Up to 8.5 GHz RF modulated source and 8.5 GHz RF measure
    • Fully integrated noise sources and S-parameter testing capabilities

  • Architecture

    • Unique architecture that provides testing with best UPH/$ and highest quality
    • Small form factor
    • Air cooled architecture and instruments
    • Energy efficient, low power consumption
  • Applications

    • RF Connectivity
    • RF Power Amplifiers
    • RF Front-End Modules, LNA, Filter, Switches



High current general purpose VI

  • 8 Channels per Board
  • Voltage: -2V to +8V
  • Current: 1 A continuous
  • 16 bit force/measure, synchronization, analog bus
  • 200 KHz digitizer capability


Power Amplifier device power supply

  • One measure FIFO per channel
  • 4 Channels per Board
  • Voltage: -2 V to +16 V
  • Current: 2 A per channel
  • 16 bit force/measure, parallel measure
  • Channels can be ganged for higher currents
  • 250 Ksps capture in 4096 memory


Quad high voltage, high current, floating programmable power supply

  • Full Kelvin, has programmable voltage and current clamps and offers a 300 Ksps sample rate.
  • 4 Channels per board
  • Voltage: -60 V to +60 V
  • Current: 5 A per channel (pulsed), 1.5 A continuous, voltage and current ganging.


Part of FX digital instruments family for device control buses, such as, MIPI, I2C, and SPI

  • Fully independent programming of timing and level on every channel
  • Synchronization signaling to/from other instruments
  • Read/Write memory for generating digital protocols used in RF front end applications
  • Multi-site programming model
  • Full pattern sequencing at 200 Mbps
  • Supported with a comprehensive, next-generation program development and debug toolset
  • I/O per Board: 32
  • Maximum Pins: 256
  • Drive / Compare: -2.0 V to 6.5 V
  • Pattern Rate:
  • 100 MHz / 200 Mbps
  • 200 MHz / 400 Mbps

Hummingbird Digitizer

  • Four channel, 14 Bit, 400 MSPS or 16 Bit, 250 MSPS waveform digitizer
  • Provides real-time features such as decimation and averaging to enable faster test times and improved dynamic performance
  • Offers an analog bandwidth of up to 800 MHz
  • DIGHB is supported on PAx and Diamondx

RedDragon RF

  • Single platform covering <4, 4G, 5G sub-8.5 GHz, Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 and mmWave
  • Best-in-class ATE EVM and modulation bandwidth with faster acquisition times across frequency ranges
  • Enhanced Data Processing and Transfer Engines with new WDSP digitizer
  • RF application libraries that drop into existing programs
  • Multi-port Swept S-Parameter measurements, Single Shot EVM, and other techniques
  • Seamless On-Site Field Upgradable

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