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xWave Test Contactor (Socket) / Probe Head (Pins)

Broadband Production Solution for cmWave and mmWave up to 100 GHz

Highest performance and most robust RF broadband production solution for package, wafer, or Over-the-Air (OTA) test for 100 GHz.

The xWave test contactor (socket) / probe head (pins) utilizes patented hybrid contacting technology to optimize RF performance and provide robustness for production testing of the most challenging cmWave and mmWave devices. Inside the xWave test contactor (socket) / probe head (pins) are embedded patch antennas and coplanar waveguides for both wireless and wired communication.

In addition to wireless communication xWave test contactors (sockets) / probe head (pins) minimize the number of transitions between the DUT and tester through the use of co-planar waveguide structures that make direct connection with the DUT, bypass the PCB, and connect to the tester with either coaxial cable or waveguides.

Cohu xWave Test Contactor
  • Key Features

    • Shortest impedance-matched RF path
    • Minimized number of signal transitions
    • Solder-down performance
    • Proven in production >1.5 M cycles on handler
    • Integrated assembly available
    • Temperature range -55 ̊C to +155 ̊C

  • Benefits

    • Lab and volume production test
    • Backhaul cellular network applications
    • WiGig and Wireless HD applications
    • Automotive radar applications
    • Pitches down to 0.3 mm (handler), 0.15 mm (prober)
  • Package Type

    • Contactor pitches down to 0.3 mm
    • Probe Head: pitches down to 0.25 mm


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