Kelvin Test Contactors (Sockets) / Probe Heads

Highest Performance at Best Cost of Test for Automotive and Industrial

The durable one piece design combined with the proven self-cleaning wipe and full Kelvin capability enable a low and stable contact resistance, a high current carrying capability and an extended temperature range. The Kelvin contactors are developed and optimized to reduce cost of test. This is the result of a boosted first pass yield, enhanced production reliability, improved OEE and extended maintenance intervals. Moreover testing at full specification values like high current and tri-temp with extreme temperature range are no longer a limitation.

Cantilever Test Solutions

Test Contactor (Sockets) / Probe Head Solutions

Ideal for multisite testing of analog and smart power devices requiring Kelvin

Reduced site to site pitch concept enables high parallel test for power applications on strip-test and pick and place handler platforms

Providing Exceptional Lifetime for Discrete Contacting

cCruiser™ Kelvin contactor was designed with cost of test optimization in mind, boasting a cantilever design that allows the testing of challenging discrete ICs and small logic package types. Providing a best-in-class proven lifespan of up to 5 million touchdowns increasing handler uptime. cCruiser reduces the cost of test for customers significantly, lasting longer and testing longer than previous contact solutions.

cCruiser is the versatile solution for testing small discrete ICs. Its side-by-side Kelvin design is optimized for tri-temp capable insulation layer with extended Automotive temperature range -60°C to + 175°C.  Contact socket is G-Pin footprint compatible with a contact spring wear out zone. Featuring conventional onboard socket contact mounting and 80 mΩ​ low and stable contact resistance. Raw Springs and cGold plating options available, as well as Thebe, our brand new, improved conductive material plating option that has >50% lower resistance.

For leaded and leadless devices down to 0.3 mm x 0.6 mm

Compact multi-beam pin structure for high density system integration on turret handlers with side-by-side design for very small pad sizes.

cHybrid Kelvin contactor contains a new and unique contact spring architecture which allows the test socket to adapt to challenging IC pad geometry requirements of todays and future small package types. Great lifetime up to 3 million touchdowns, with best-in-class contact resistance repeatability reduces cost of test significantly. A multibeam contact structure optimizes signal integrity and current capability according to challenging electrical test requirements.

cHybrid Kelvin contactor with multibeam contact spring architecture delivers improved yield and long life which minimizing cleaning cycles. This innovative solution will help customers reduce cost and maximize productivity.

High performance kelvin contact for high volume production test

cPython Kelvin contactors and probe heads provide superior electrical and thermal performance with significant cost savings. This makes cPython Kelvin ideal for lab and high-volume production test of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits – for applications such as power control, A-D and D-A converters, audio, video, power amplifiers, photonics, optical MEMS and sensors.

cPython Kelvin probes are electrically isolated and mechanically independent force and sense paths for true Kelvin contact for taking accurate measurements, even under high current conditions. These robust probes provide hundreds of thousands of insertions or touchdowns, and a bandwidth up to 26 GHz.  cPython Kelvin probes can land on 0.4 mm pitch targets, and their tip spacing is 90 µm to land on small targets. cPython probes are available with homogeneous tips to optimize performance.

Cantilever contactor for high power applications

ecoAmp Kelvin is a high power cantilever kelvin contactor with patented spring and tip design for optimum heat dissipation. This ensures best reliability, long spring life and high yield even under highest current and temperature requirements.

Industry preferred high performance, high value, low cost true kelvin QuadTech contacting solution

Gemini Kelvin probes and contactors provide a first-rate solution that effortlessly makes reliable, true Kelvin contact for high-volume final test of both singulated packages and wafer-level devices. Gemini Kelvin is an ideal solution for devices such as power controllers, A-D and D-A converters, power amplifiers and audio and video circuits.

At 3.22 mm test height, the Gemini Kelvin is an excellent all-around spring probe with low inductance, high bandwidth, and excellent current-carrying capacity. The DUT side tip design accurately maintains its 100 µm spacing for the life of the probe. Customers report typical probe life of 500 k to 800 k package insertions, or over 2M touchdowns at wafer-level test. The offset tip allows manageable board layout with a board-side spacing of 0.4 mm.

Kelvin test socket for high power plunge-to-board applications

nanoKelvin is a well-established cantilever kelvin contactor with proven performance in the automotive market and further increasing popularity due to the robustness and reliability of the product.

  • Applications

    • Automotive and industrial – Kelvin
    • High volume production
    • Engineering characterization
    • Peripherally-leaded: QFP, SO, SOT and TO
    • Pad contact: QFN and DFN
    • Singulated devices and strip test
  • Benefits

    • Boosted first pass yield
    • Enhanced production reliability
    • Testing at full specification values
    • Improved OEE
    • Extended maintenance intervals
    • Reduced cost of test
  • Key Features

    • Contact motion decoupled from the test board
    • Proven self-cleaning wipe
    • Durable one piece design
    • Low and stable contact resistance
    • High current carrying capability
    • Extended temperature range
    • Large compliance window


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