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Mercury Test Contactor / Probe Head

Test Contactor for Cost-Efficient, High-Performance Test

Mercury test probes and contactors are excellent spring probes for the laboratory though they were designed with the robust qualities needed for high-volume production test. Their unique design ensures excellent plating quality for low, consistent resistance, long life, and high-test yields.

Mercury probes are available with minimum pitches of 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.8 mm, to provide the best performance at any device pitch. Mercury probes have bandwidths of up to 22 GHz, and can carry over 3 Amps of current. The Mercury is an excellent choice for any test application.

Mercury Contactor
  • Features

    • Revolutionary architecture features barrel-less probe design with dual-fork redundant bias
    • Low loop inductance and high bandwidth
    • Pitches down to 0.3 mm
    • Large compliance window to accommodate stack height tolerances for improved yields

  • Benefits

    • Excellent resistance stability and longer usable life
    • Super reliability based on materials and design
    • Suitable for WLCSP, BGA, LGA, QFN, Matrix
    • Suitable for high-frequency requirements
    • Suitable for Pb-free applications
  • Package Type

    • BGA
    • QFP
    • SO
    • WLCSP


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