cPython™ Kelvin Contactor / Probe Head

High Performance Kelvin Contact for High Volume Production Test

cPython Kelvin contactors and probe heads provide superior electrical and thermal performance with significant cost savings. This makes cPython Kelvin ideal for lab and high-volume production test of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits – for applications such as power control, A-D and D-A converters, audio, video, power amplifiers, photonics, optical MEMS and sensors.

cPython Kelvin probes are electrically isolated and mechanically independent force and sense paths for true Kelvin contact for taking accurate measurements, even under high current conditions. These robust probes provide hundreds of thousands of insertions or touchdowns, and a bandwidth up to 26 GHz.

cPython Kelvin probes can land on 0.4 mm pitch targets, and their tip spacing is 90 µm to land on small targets. cPython probes are available with homogeneous tips to optimize performance.

  • Features:

    • Low loop inductance and high bandwidth
    • Device pitch down to 0.3 mm
    • Tip to tip spacing as low as 70 µm
    • Variety of contact materials to optimize performance
    • Electrically isolated, mechanically independent force and sense paths
    • Manual actuation of singulated devices

  • Benefits

    • Lab and volume production test
    • Singulated devices or wafer-level test
    • Low and stable contact resistance
    • Bandwidth up to 26 GHz
  • Package Type

    • BGA
    • LGA
    • QFN
    • QFP
    • SO
    • WLCSP
  • Applications

    • Automotive and Power
    • High End Digital
    • Precision Analog and Sensors
    • Mobility