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Semiconductor ATE Solutions for Flat Panel Display

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Cohu Flat Panel Display Test Solutions

Cohu ATE Experience

  • Flat Panel Display driver test capability on a low-cost configurable SOC test platform
  • Composite instrumentation that maximizes flexibility of test system configurations


  • Mobile Display
  • Wearables and Sport touch-screen display
  • Household Appliances
  • In-vehicle entertainment
  • Television

Test System Solutions

Diamondx Test System

Flexible, Cost Optimized Test Solutions for the Most Challenging Applications

Diamondx test system extends Cohu’s low-cost, high-throughput production test solution platforms to high pin count, higher site count wireless, mobility, SOC, Flat Panel Display drivers, Power Management, and microcontrollers. Designed to meet the cost driver’s IC companies face, Diamondx extends Cohu’s leadership in lowering the cost of operations.

Breakthrough cost reductions in both capital and operating costs for the automotive, mobility, IoT/IoV/Optoelectronics, industrial and medical, and consumer markets.

Proven capability in high-density digital, DC, analog instruments as well as technology leading precision analog, SerDes, RF and Automotive test makes the Diamondx test system suitable for today’s broad range of devices.

DxV Test System

Changes the Rules of Design Through to Production Test

The DxV provides full semiconductor ATE performance in a desktop PC footprint. Fully integrated, ultra-compact test system designed to be used in the engineering lab or office. Unlike traditional semiconductor ATE solutions that is no mainframe, separate workstation or support cabinets needed. The DxV is completely stand-alone, so it can be placed on a bench or desktop:

  • Ultra-compact, small footprint, light weight, single box design
  • Air cooled with low ambient noise for office environment
  • Energy efficient, low power consumption
  • Ideal for lab development and high-volume production

Instrumentation Solutions


General-Purpose Digital Instrument for Digital SOC, Analog SOC and MCU Digital Testing

  • Flexible pattern memory allocations
  • Multiple pattern generation
  • Transmit and receive of digitized waveforms
  • Pattern synchronization and control of DC and AC analog test instruments


High Density Voltage Current Instrument for Massive Multisite Test

  • Highest V/I pin density in the industry
  • Voltage/current supply (VIS) mode
  • Precision analog source (PAS) mode
  • Flexible triggering options
  • External input matrix


High Speed Solution for SerDes/LVDS/MIPI Interfaces

  • Physical layer testing with built in PRBS BERT TX/RX
  • BIST/DFT testing using high bandwidth drive/compare memory
  • Protocol level and mixed-signal testing using deep send pattern memory


Optimized Solution for LVDS Port and DDR Memory Port Test

  • Matching the interface structure and requirements of a DDR memory controller for simplified DUT boards
  • Supporting built-in memory protocol support
  • Same cycle match capability to support for data latency of up to 8 cycles


Test Solution for Ultra High Definition Display Driver ICs

  • Integrated display drivers for mobile and tablet applications, including touch and display driver integration (TDDI)
  • Large panel television and monitor applications, including ultra-high definition and 240Hz refresh rate
  • Extended range selection
  • 128k capture memory per channel
  • Industrial and automotive display drivers


Voltage/Current Source for Mobile Power Management, SOC, Automotive and MCU ICs

  • Meets the test challenges of integrated mobile power management devices with dozens of DC-DC and linear regulators ranging from under 100 mA to several amps.


16 VI general purpose VI

  • Full four quadrant operation providing up to 100 mA per channel over a range of +/- 16 V.
  • High voltage options offer auto sequencing, synchronization bus, differential mode, and ripple inputs