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ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor (Socket)

Cantilever Contactor (Socket) for High Power Applications

ecoAmp Kelvin is a high power cantilever kelvin contactor (socket) with patented spring and tip design for optimum heat dissipation. This ensures best reliability, long spring life and high yield even under highest current and temperature requirements.

Cohu ecoAmp Contactor Test Contactor
  • Features:

    • Developed for highest current requirements
    • Patented spring and tip geometry
    • Optimized heat dissipation
    • Contact motion decoupled from the test board
    • Proven self-cleaning wipe
    • Durable one piece design
    • Low and stable contact resistance
    • Extended temperature range
    • Available for strip testing

  • Benefits

    • Boosted first pass yield
    • enhanced production reliability
    • Testing at full specification values
    • Improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
    • Extended maintenance intervals
    • Reduced cost of test
  • Package Type

    • SO
  • Applications

    • Automotive and Power
    • Precision Analog and Sensors


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