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ACE Test Contactor / WLCSP Probe Head

Cost-Efficient RF Contactor for FBGA and Wafer-Level Packages

RF (cmWave) probe with bandwidth up to 40 GHz, homogeneous tip, and long life.

ACE test sockets offer optimal RF performance for fine pitch FBGA, QFN and wafer-level packages for Power Amplifiers, RF switches and mobile communications. Supporting pitches down to 0.4 mm, ACE features an innovative design that provides superior performance, improved yields and power efficiency.

ACE probe heads deliver exceptional electrical performance, both DC and RF. Manufactured from HyperCore™ base material, a proprietary material of Cohu’s Everett Charles Technologies, ACE probes have the electrical properties of BeCu with the non-oxidizing properties of a precious metal.  The short signal path, sharp tips, and large contact area between plungers provide high current conductance and reliable contact with less force.

Compatible with all device types and platings; suitable for all test applications, including singulated devices, strip test and wafer-level test. The electrical and mechanical performance of ACE, combined with a long probe life, deliver a low overall cost of test, which is unprecedented for RF contactors.

Cohu ACE Test Socket
  • Key Features

    • High frequency >40 GHz @ -1 dB
    • Exceptional DC and RF performance
    • Revolutionary barrel-less architecture
    • HyperCore – homogeneous DUT side plunger material
    • Large contact surface between top and bottom plungers
    • Singulated devices and strip test
    • BGA, LGA, QFN
    • Pitches down to 0.4 mm

  • Benefits

    • Compatible with all device types, plating, and pitches
    • Consistent electrical performance
    • Long life and lower cost of test
  • Package Type

    • BGA
    • QFN
    • LGA


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