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Service Based Support (SBS)

Customized labor program to address your production need

Our worldwide service organization perform installations and necessary maintenance. We provide various parts and labor warranties on test and handling systems and instruments designed and manufactured by Cohu and warranties on certain components that have been purchased from other manufacturers and are incorporated into our test and handling systems.


  • Support offerings that enable you to customize a labor program that addresses all your response and cost conditions
  • Cost-effective labor solutions for maximum system uptime and performance


  • Blanket PO : specific # of hours (hour bank) to use where and when needed
  • Service Contract : fixed regular support interval, or on demand
Cohu Field Service and Support
Service Contracts

Cohu’s Service Support team provides factory trained personnel to support your systems related activities.  Ranging from line support, periodic maintenance, to training.  By engaging in a service contract, you will be ensured of available support from our engineers by a scheduled plan whenever you require.

  • Line support during critical periods (holiday seasons, month/quarter-end, new product ramp, new product qualification, etc.)
  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PM) activities
  • Comprehensive performance-base training (on-site or at our manufacturing site)
  • System relocation and restoration (de-install, re-install, health check, etc.)


Close gaps in both resource / technical knowledge during critical periods

  • Avoid loosing opportunity windows in your business

Ensure production throughput stability with properly maintained systems

  • Eliminate system unscheduled down time and production interruption

Your engineers / operators are trained or skillsets refreshed

  • Sharing of best practices to achieve highest efficiency level

Optimize time and effort in system setup and fine tune after relocating

  • Enforce factory quality standard to ensure productivity after relocate