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Rasco MEMS

Magnetic, Pressure, Optical and Acoustic Sensors

Rasco MEMS portfolio offers flexible, high parallelism units to address the cost-sensitive requirements for testing MEMS devices. The modular design provide for quick and easy integration on Gravity, Test-in-Strip or Pick and Place test handlers for testing MEMS ICs up to 32 devices in parallel.

  • Acoustic Test Unit (ATC) for testing audio devices
  • Magnetic Test Unit (MTU) for testing geomagnetic sensors
  • Optical Test Unit (OTU) for testing LED and light sensors
  • Pressure Test Unit (PTU) for high accuracy testing of integrated pressure sensors
Cohu Rasco MEMS Test Handler
  • Stimuli Module

    • Gas
    • Humidity
    • Magnetic
    • Optical
    • Pressure

  • Flexibility

    • Modular concepts for Gravity, Strip, Pick and Place and Turret handlers
    • Hand test units for engineering
    • Tri-Temp capability, -60°C to +175°C
    • Multi-site testing up to x32

Acoustic Test Unit (ATU)

  • 110 dB sound pressure level
  • Acoustic test field dimensions: 60 mm x 180 mm
  • High parallelism x16
  • Common base for all products
  • Reference microphone, i.e. 29 dBV/Pa sensitivity
  • 28dB Sound absorption of the box
  • Physical Dimensions: 804 mm x 845 mm x 697 mm, 160 kg

Magnetic Test Unit (MTU)

  • Air Core Coils, Ferromagnetic Core Coils, Helmholtz Coils or permanent magnets
  • 1D, 2D or 3D orientation in any X, Y or Z direction
  • Multi-site synchronously or asynchronously rotating permanent magnets
  • Zero Gauss Chamber available
  • Zero Gauss Chamber in combination with magnetizing chamber available
  • Reference sensors, 1 per DUT available
  • High parallelism from single site to 32x
  • Up to 100 mT magnetic flux density
  • Multiple DOF

Optical Test Unit (OTU)

  • LED test with Spheres up to 100 cm Ø for multi-site testing
  • Light-Up-Test on LED panels
  • Sensor with stimulation capabilities
  • Live and dead bug handling

Pressure Test Unit (PTU)

  • For vacuum, barometric and high pressure applications
  • 0.1 bar to 16 bar (1.5 to 232 psi)
  • Fast settling time by multichannel operation
  • Kelvin contactor, standard and pogo pin type available
  • High parallelism 16x
  • Leak rates down to 5 millibar / min
  • Additional read-out sensors for pressure and temperature available