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X-Series Platform

Configurations for Optimal Testing of DSP, Power, Automotive, Mixed Signal, & RF Applications

The X-Series is a comprehensive semiconductor test platform, with industry leading mixed signal and digital instrumentation and configurations that range from 20 to 80 instrument slots. Offering a range of configurations designed to provide low-cost testing of a broad range of devices used in mobile, power, automotive, industrial and instrumentation markets.  The X-Series has been designed to meet the challenges of testing a broad range of advanced mixed signal device technologies used in these markets.  It offers a large suite of DC, power, DSP, RF and digital instrumentation that can be configured into a true mixed signal infrastructure.

The X-Series allows selecting the ideal configuration for your specific requirements, providing a flexible solution with the right test performance and the right cost of test for each device in your portfolio.  Each configuration offers a comprehensive portfolio of DSP, DC and power instruments.

Cohu MX Semiconductor ATE Test System

LX Test System

20 Instrument Slots and up to 256 Digital Pins

MX Test System

40 Instrument Slots and up to 512 Digital Pins

EX Test System

80 Instrument Slots and up to 1024 Digital Pins


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