Semiconductor Test Contactors and Consumables

Test Contactors for mid- to high-power applications

Equiptest Engineering (EQT)

Equiptest Engineering (EQT) was founded in 2001; headquartered in Singapore and has been providing cost effective solutions by leveraging on experience in integrating emerging applications to meet our customers’ stringent requirements.

EQT designs and manufactures performance test contactors for mid- to high-power applications. Products include E-Series contact probes, ULTRA cantilever and Elastomer contactors.

Test Contactors
  • Wafer Probe Heads
  • Striptest Contactors
  • Pick and Place Contactors
  • Turret Contactors
  • Gravity Feed Contactors
  • ULTRA Contactors
Contact Mediums
  • Cantilever Spring Pin ULTRA
  • E-Series
  • Elastomeric Contact


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