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ASL Instrumentation

The ASL Platform provides a wide range of production proven resources dedicated to providing the best test solutions for cost sensitive linear and low complexity mixed signal devices. The ASLx Test System expands the standard resources of the ASL platform with a variety of dedicated instruments.


Op Amp Loop Card

  • Two complete Op Amp Loops
  • Programmable pole/zero compensation
  • VIO ranges from 100 μV to 100mV full scale
  • On board 12-bit ADC for parallel measurements


Two Channel Voltage and Current Source with Low Drift and Four Quadrant capability

  • Four quadrant VI source with two channels
  • Device power supply
  • Dynamic load
  • Virtual ground
  • DC pin bias


High Voltage Source

  • 80V (600V)
  • Fully floating instrument ±1700V


Low Leakage Connect Board

  • 8 independent current to voltage converters
  • Measures low currents to 1pA


Medium Voltage Source

  • Vmax: 100V; Imax: 100mA
  • Fully floating instrument ±1500V


Octal Floating Source

  • Fully floating instrument ±1500V
  • 5, 10, 20 and 50V
8 Channel VI General Purpose DC
  • Low current DUT power or versatile VI capability
  • Full four quadrant operation
  • Up to 550 mA per channel over a range of +/- 16 V, and ripple input.


Pulsed VI

  • Fully floating instrument for high current pulses
  • 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V (50V max) ranges


4 Channel Floating VI for applications requiring higher Power, Floating VI

  • Full four quadrant operation providing pulsed current up to 5 A per channel over a range of +/- 60 V
  • Can be internally paralleled for operation up to 20 A and can be stacked up to 240 V
  • Auto sequencer, meter per-pin and ripple input


Extended Range Voltage Source

  • 4 channels per board
  • Force voltage to 1250V
  • 10mA current source


High Accuracy VI Source

  • 14 Channels per board
  • ±30V, ±100mX, 150mA pulsed
  • High accuracy
  • Multisite capability

*ASLx only

*ASL1000 only


Dynamic Digital Driver

  • Generates period and timing edges with fundamental edge placement capability
  • Onboard memory with ability to store multiple patterns
  • provides external triggers and clocks to tester resources such as ACS and DIG5


Dynamic Digital Pins

  • 16 channels per board
  • 33 MHz base frequency,
  • 66 MHz mux-mode rate
  • 8M main vector memory depth

*ASLx only


Alternating Current Source

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Create sine waves, square waves, ramps and multi-tone waveforms
  • 4 channels per board
  • Filtering for signal conditiong


Data Converter Card

  • Tests all DACs and ADCs up to 16 bits
  • Input drivers with up to +20V, +10V ouput
  • High-speed sero loop (one code measured in 0.5ms)


High Resolution Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • 2 channels per board
  • 256K words of memory per channel
  • 26 bits resolution
  • THG greater than 100dB


High Resolution Wafeform Digitizer

  • 2 channels per board
  • 512K words of memory per channel
  • 16 bits resolution
  • THG greater than 88dB

*ASLx onl16 bits resolution


Quad Time Measurement Processor

  • 4 channels per board
  • <30pS resolution
  • 4M samples per channel
  • Arming and synchronization control
  • 100V, 25V and 2.5V input ranges
  • Programmable and stoop levels
  • Selectable low pass input filters
  • Selectable measurement types


General Purpose Time Measurement Unit

  • Measures rise and fall times, and duty cycle

*ASLx only


Link Zener Blow Instrument

  • Single quadrant voltage/current source, supplying either in voltage or current mode depending on loading conditions
  • Output is connected to a 2 by 28 relay multiplexer for connection to DUT
  • 700mA current source, can supply up to 500mA for several sections


32 Relay General Purpose Multiplexer

  • ASL instruments can be routed through the MUX, optimizing connectivity for any measurement task
  • 8 banks of relays with 4 relays per bank
Cohu Semiconductor ATE
  • ACS – Alternating Current Source
  • AWG-HR* – High resolution waveform generator
  • DCC – Data Converter Card
  • DDD8 – Dynamic Digital Driver
  • DDP* – Mixed Signal Digital Pins
  • DIG-HR* – High resolution waveform digitizer
  • DOAL- Op Amp Loop Card
  • DVI – Dual Voltage Source
  • HVS** – High voltage source
  • LCB** – Low current measurement
  • LZB – Link Zener programming
  • MUX – Relay multiplexer card
  • MVS** – Medium voltage source
  • OFS** – Floating source
  • OVI – Octal VI
  • PVI – Floating Power VI
  • TMU -Time measurement unit
  • QFVI* – Quad channel, floating, power VI
  • QTMP* – Quad time measurement processor
  • VSX* – Four-channel multi-site high voltage source
  • XVI – High accuracy VI source

*ASLx only

**ASL1000 only


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