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All-in-One Test and Inspection System for small packaged ICs

PANTHER Power enables higher production yield with integrated test and inspection cell with high parallel Tri-temp testing for small leadless packages, QFN / DFN.

It uses a chamber-less thermal technology, with six soaking stations. Coupled to a Cohu temperature pre-conditioned contactor, it guarantees a high stability in temperature at full range, from -45°C to +155°C.

PANTHER Power offers the most reliable testing cell for small devices at high speed with unlimited test parallelism.

Cohu PANTHER Power High Parallel Test Handler
  • Productivity

    • Tri-temp chamberless system
    • Temperature accuracy on DUT ±2°C
    • High parallel testing with 100% touch down efficiency
    • Visible defect metrology

  • Key Features

    • Tri-temperature range: -45°C to +155°C
    • No clamping mechanism
    • Device alignment by vision (closed loop)
    • 6 sides vision inspection (optional)
  • Flexibility

    • Small packages handling
    • Flexible input and output modules
    • Single device traceability
    • Direct reel re-screen possible


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