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MEMS Test Cells

Pre-validated Test Cells delivering fast ramp to production yield and throughput

Cohu has delivered more than 20 complete test cells to IDMs and OSATs in Asia, Europe and North America to address next-generation device test requirements and supplement existing production capacity.

  • Inertial Sensor Test Cells
  • Environmental Test Cells
  • Microphone Test Cells

Cohu is the only company with the expertise on the entire test cell and inspection and is recognized for its industry-leading suite of flexible and cost-effective MEMS test cell offerings. We work in close cooperation with our customers and leverage the cross functional expertise of Cohu’s product teams; semiconductor ATE, test handler and interface solutions.

Cohu provides a full pre-validated service within our facilities, to ensure that start up time at the customer site is minimized and target production yield and throughput are achieved in the fastest possible time.

Cohu MEMS Test Cell Solution

  • Diamondx Test System

    • Flexible, cost-optimized test system
    • Adaptable and scalable architecture
    • Extremely high-speed data bus based on PCI-Express Industry Standard
    • Covers Precision Analog, DC, RF and SerDes IP cores’ testing
    • Over 7,500 pins configured with a variety of instruments.
    • Small form-factor, zero footprint
    • Air cooled architecture and instruments
    • Energy efficient, low power consumption
  • InStrip Batch Handler

    • Modular system supporting wide range of MEMS applications
    • InCarrier for singulated MEMS test with strip-like parallelism and reliability
    • Supports smallest packages and WLCSP
    • Up to 1200 or 2400 I/O, covering widest range of parallelism
    • Temperature range: -40°C +125°C
  • Interface Solutions

    • Device under test (DUT) interface board
    • Test contactors to ensure accurate and reliable testing across large site counts at a full range of temperatures

Proven Test Cells in Production

Inertial Sensors Test Cells

  • Diamondx test platform, a flexible SOC tester which provides for cost-effective and high efficiency multisite test
  • DxV test platform, ATE performance in a desktop PC footprint
  • InStrip batch handler based on InCarriers
  • InMEMS test modules, flexible and reconfigurable for multiple target applications
    • Switch between the testing of 3DOF magnetometer devices in parallel on a strip or
    • 3DOF and 2DOF accelerometer devices in parallel in a carrier
    • Or between 3DOF accelerometers and 3DOF Gyroscopes
  •  Interface boards and high-density contacting

Environmental Test Cells

  • Diamondx test platform, a flexible SOC tester which provides for cost-effective and high efficiency multisite test
  • InStrip batch handler based on InCarriers, offering high parallelism and reliable handling for sensitive and challenging packages
  • InBaro MEMS module, a proven solution for accurate barometric sensor test with high throughput and stability
  • Interface boards and high-density contacting
  • Test cell can be upgraded to test barometric, humidity and gas in a single insertion

Microphone Test Cell

  • Diamondx test platform, a flexible SOC tester which provides for cost-effective and high efficiency multisite test
  • InStrip batch handler based on InCarriers, optimized for acoustic low-noise behavior
  • Full port down process from loading, test, through to unloading
  • Interface boards and high-density contacting
  • Solution ideally supports 75 db SNR microphone testing for mobile phones, tablets, other state-of-the-art consumer applications

High Parallelism and UPH

  • Test more than 200 sites in parallel
  • Better than 99.5 % PTE
  • Reliable strip handling for higher OEE

New Levels of Test Optimization

When conventional approaches for cost of test optimization – like capex reduction or increasing multisite – reach their limits, test cell solutions provides further gains in productivity. “Pin to pin signal ownership” ensures that test cells are able to significantly shorten time-to-volume and meet the requirements of fast ramping and fluctuating demands. Exploiting the opportunities from new packaging trends and disruptive technologies require fastest adaptation. Cohu’s integration and pre-validation services will free-up customers’ in-house resources and help them to strengthen their market position and provides a process for continuous optimization.

Fully Integrated, Pre-Validated Solutions

With leading technology and expertise in all critical elements of the test cell, Cohu is a supplier of all elements of test cell and is able to provide our customers fully-integrated, pre-validated solutions including:

  • Semiconductor ATE
  • Test handler
  • Device under test (DUT) interface board
  • Test contactors

Leveraging Our Expertise

Cohu is the only company with the expertise across the complete test cell and inspection. We are able to leverage our expertise across all of our product groups to create fully integrated test cell solutions allowing us to offer customers a turn-key, low risk test solution to get them to high volume production.

  • Broad product portfolio across diverse applications
  • The leading supplier of semiconductor test and inspection handlers
  • The market leader in test interface solutions for the most challenging applications
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