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Rasco Jupiter

Configurable Gravity Handler for Large Devices

Jupiter provides the biggest available soak capacity and the highest possible UPH for large devices in gravity temperature-test environment. The angled soak area minimizes the stress on devices and is therefore the ideal tool for testing big power packages.

Cohu Jupiter Gravity Test Handler
  • Highlights

    • Largest available soak capacity
    • Split kit capability
    • Input modules: tube, magazine (upon request)
    • Output modules: tube, magazine (upon request)
    • Various contactor and MEMS options
  • Key Features

    • Full Tri-temp range -60°C to +175°C
    • 1x to 8x test site parallelism
    • Up to 16 tubes soak capacity
    • Up to 8 tubes desoak capacity
    • No subjective adjustments
  • Package Type

    • TO252 to TO220/263
    • DIL300 to DIL1000
    • Multiwatt to Flexiwatt
  • Applications

    • Power
    • MEMS