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InSight Software

Test Cell Equipment Management

InSight is an enterprise software system for centralized data collection from equipment in the test cell. It provides production operation transparency and enables data driven decision, by means of online and historical analysis and various reports on equipment performance, e.g. OEE, UPH, performance-, time-, failure statistics, etc.

Furthermore, features for centralized lot-, recipe management and equipment preventive maintenance are available.

InSight provides the foundation for a scalable and flexible data infrastructure to enable future extension of the data collection and analysis of machine and component characteristics, to derive predictive maintenance and other smart features towards Industry 4.0 applications.


Cohu InSight Test Cell Management Software

Cohu InSight Test Cell Equipment Software
  • Handler Performance

    • UPH
    • Jam rate
    • OEE
    • Yield
    • Utilization

  • Handler Management

    • Preventive maintenance (PM) schedule
    • Remote recipe file handling
    • MES Interface Option

  • Online Reports

    • Equipment offline
    • Engineering mode
    • In run mode and running
    • In run mode but not running
    • Stopped

  • History

    • Downtime
    • OEE
    • Pareto of failures