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InHumid Test Module

High Parallel Test of Environmental Sensors

InHumid sensor test system for final test of environmental sensors allows for high volume single-insertion test and calibration of integrated environmental sensors measuring pressure, temperature, humidity and gas.

InHumid is an optional upgrade of Cohu’s InBaro module, adding humidity and gas test to the barometric test capability provided by InBaro. The physical structures to apply humid air or gas flow to the DUT reside inside the conversion kit. This architecture facilitates easy upgrading in the field. For testing the gas element of environmental sensors InHumid can be extended by a gas option. This option provides the measures needed to operate the machine in a safe manner when testing typical environmental, gases traced in air quality monitoring, or personal fitness applications (e.g. connections to attach to a general exhaust system).

The InHumid solution fully leverages the temperature capabilities and proven high volume performance of the InBaro/InStrip set-up. Like with InBaro InHumid can be used in a Cohu InCarrier set up to support reliable and robust test handling of small MEMS packages, which are typical for environmental sensors in consumer applications.

Cohu InHumid MEMS Test Handler
  • Stimuli Module

    • Gas
    • Humidy
    • Pressure
    • Tri-temp

  • Applications

    • Single insertion test of environmental sensors, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, (selected gases)
    • Other MEMS applications for same base handler available
  • Benefits

    • High-parallel test in structure, i.e. strips or carriers
    • Scalable, modular architecture: convertible to various sensor applications and package types
    • Support of a large variety of packages inc. tiny and fragile packages
    • Robust handling with minimum number of device contacts and low jam rates
    • Real-world (physical) sensor stimuli with high accuracy
  • Solution for

    • All leaded and leadless packages, including tiny and fragile devices
    • Typical carrier size 215 mm x 65 mm
    • Tri-temp teset from -40°C to +125°C