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InBaro Test Module

High Parallel Test of Barometric Pressure Sensors

InBaro MEMS module, a proven solution for accurate barometric sensor test with high throughput and stability.

The InBaro provides a reliable multisite test and calibration solution for barometric pressure sensors e.g. 144 and more devices in parallel with a maximum signal count of 2400 pins per insertion. It enables temperature test at a range from -40°C up to +125°C with best temperature accuracy and stability. The InBaro standard configuration supports quick exchange between five pressure levels – more can be added on request. InBaro features absolute pressures up to 1,500 mbar. The InBaro can be upgraded to “InHumid” and “Gas” to expand the application to other environmental sensor devices.

Cohu InBaro MEMS Test Handler
  • Stimuli Module

    • Pressure
    • Humidity
    • Gas
    • Tri-temp

  • Applications

    • Barometric pressure sensors with 100 mbar to 1.5 bar absolute pressure
    • Humid and up to 2 Gases
    • Other MEMS applications for same base handler available
  • Benefits

    • High parallel test in strips or carriers
    • Scalable, modular architecture: convertible to various sensor applications and package types
    • Support of a large variety of packages incl. tiny and fragile packages
    • Real-world (physical) sensor stimulus with high accuracy
  • Solutions for

    • All leaded and leadless packages, including tiny and fragile devices
    • Typical carrier size 215 mm x 65 mm
    • Tri-temp test from -40°C to +125°C