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Delta Eclipse XTA

Final Test System Lights Out Factory

Eclipse XTA combines the essence of the Eclipse XT platform with Industry 4.0 Factory Automation—the current trend in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. The Eclipse XTA is part of the key customers’ modular structured smart factory, allowing them to be more efficient. The new front-end tray automation and micron accurate designs provide a new level of performance and capabilities to fuel sales and market position. In production, the XTA fleet’s performance is above the goal set by customers. It boasts more than 42,000 mean contact between jams (MCBJ) and runs 3×3 millimeter devices.

  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Over Head Transport (OHT) docking interface
  • Meets SEMI E84-1107 standard for enhanced carrier hand-off parallel I/O interface (COTS)
  • Safety Light curtain to enable open interface to the handler
  • RFID Cap Tray for physical material tracking through factory
  • Lot tracking and lot setup with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Over Head Transport (OHT)
Cohu Delta Eclipse XTA Test Handler
  • Key Features

    • Factory Automation (AGV and OHT)
    • Lights Out Operation: 1/30K MCBJ
    • Parallelism x1 up to x16
    • Tri-temp capability, chamberless (-45°C to +155°C) option
    • Automated RFID (Tray load / Unload)
    • Output bins: 6 auto, 1 manual, 4 full tray bin assignments
    • 500 kgf contactor motor force
    • Low Contactor force down to 0.5 kgf

  • Flexibility

    • Wide market coverage through field configurability
    • T-Core Passive Thermal Control
    • >1000W DUT power dissipation (with tri-temp option)
    • Start of test temperature control
    • NIST Traceable Thermal Calibration
    • Docking horizontal, rear and side
    • 3×3 mm and up to 80×80 mm packages
  • Available Options

    • -45°C to +155°C tri-temperature ATC for XTA TT
    • DTM (contactor conditioning)
    • Double device detection
    • Vision in socket detection
  • Applications

    • Application Processors (mobile)
    • Automotive Processors
    • CPU and Servers (computing)
    • GPU/AI (graphics)
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Power Management PMIC


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