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Rasco SO2000/SO2000DT


  • Handling, Inspection, Packing System
  • Throughput up to 16,000 ICs/hour
  • Index time down to 0.45 s
  • Conversion kits for all SO and QFN devices down to 1.5 mm, incl. QFN thin
  • Full split kit capability
  • Ambient/hot/tri-temp -60°C ... +175°C
  • Large variety of contactors: Kelvin, RF, Pogo, ECT, Johnstech, Yamaichi, C-Type
  • MEMS applications for magnetic, optical, pressure and acoustic sensors
  • Multiple input and output modules:
    Tube, bowl (SOT and QFN), metal magazine, bulk, tape and reel
  • Rasco Vision System: Mark/3D-lead/intape inspection
  • SO2000DT Dual Temperature Handler:
    2 temperature chambers for ambient and hot/cold

Rasco SO2000DT