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PCB Test

atg Luther & Maelzer

Leading Supplier of Bare Board PCB Test Systems

Bare board PCB test systems are used to test pre-assembly printed circuit boards. Our PCB test systems include flying probe testers, which are used to test low-volume, highly complex circuit boards and do not require the use of a separate test fixture, as well as universal grid testers, which require the use of a separate test fixture and are well suited to test circuit boards in high volume manufacturing.

atg-Luther & Maelzer, is a company of Cohu and  is the leading supplier of electrical testing solutions for the Printed Circuit Board industry with solutions for every application regardless of product type, batch size or technology deployed. atg Luther & Maelzer offers Flying Probe Testers and Universal Grid Testers.

atg Luther & Maelzer
Flying Probe
Universal Grid Tester
Flying Probe Testers
Flying Probe Testers PCB

Offering a range of Flying Probe based test systems (FPT) to fixture based Grid test systems

  • Direct (ohmic) and indirect (capacitance, inductance) measurement techniques
  • Wide range of measurement methods; Micro-Short Detection®, 4-Wire Test (Kelvin Test), embedded component test and LaTest® (Latent Defect Test)
  • Micro Short Detection®, 4-Wire Test (Kelvin Test) and Spark-Test for optimal test solutions
  • Solutions for Wafer and Touch Panel testing
Flying Probe Testers Substrates

Substrates with structures down to 10µm and several hundred thousand test points per panel require specific solutions

  • Scanning
  • Capacitance measurement
  • High accuracy and temperature management
Universal Grid Tester

Known for high throughput, repeatability, soft handling and accuracy

  • More than 40 years of experience
  • Cost-efficient fixture design
  • Meeting increasing electrical requirement
  • Advanced optical alignment