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High Performance Post Singulated Test

PANTHER WLCSP is a breakthrough technology in post singulation testing. It provides the lowest Cost Of Test for high volume QA and or customer return testing for singulated WLCSP, under real probing condition with direct docking at high parallelism and with 100% touch down efficiency.

PANTHER WLCSP guarantees 100% output quality with post singulation test and inspection with micro-scale defect detection.

Cohu PANTHER WLCSP High Parallel Test Handler
  • Precision

    • Elimination test escapes created by singulation process
    • Tri-temp testing
    • Direct docking to test head
    • Full test & finishing process in one system

  • Stress-Free Handling

    • No clamping mechanism
    • Device alignment by vision (closed loop)
    • 6 sides vision inspection
    • Full traceability
  • Productivity and Flexibility

    • High test parallelism with 100% touch down efficiency
    • Kitless AccuChuck can accommodate various device patterns for reuse of existing probe cards / sockets
    • High throughput for high volume manufacturing and high-volume QA